Who Shot JR?
Who Shot JR?

Is it 1980 again?  Remember that catch phrase?  Dallas was one of the hottest shows on television, and its villain JR Ewing (played by Larry Hagman) was the man everybody loved to hate.  Practically every character on the show was his enemy, too. 

The 1980 season of Dallas ended with a bang, literally.  JR was alone in his office late at night and an assailant walked in and shot him.  We didn’t find out who shot JR until the middle of the next season.  Imagine if we had the internet back then how many websites would have been devoted to “Who Shot JR!”

Two decades after the original series ended, we have the reboot of Dallas on TNT.  It certainly doesn’t have as big a following as the original series, but it does have a cult following.  Sadly, Larry Hagman passed away last November from cancer, in the middle of filming the season that is currently airing, so the writers had to figure out a way to write JR out of the story. 

Last night was the final episode featuring JR Ewing.  JR has been out of town, up to no good of course, while his son John Ross has been stirring things up in Dallas.  It was late at night, and John Ross was alone in his office (Just as JR was in 1980).  JR called, the two had a brief, cryptic conversation, then we heard 2 shots fired by an unknown assailant with John Ross yelling, “Dad, Dad…” 

So beginning next week, the mystery will unfold once again… who shot JR.  Rest in peace Larry Hagman.