We Love Our Pets!
We Love Our Pets!

I just recently broke up with a man because he is not an animal lover and actually suggested that I should consider getting rid of my beloved dachshund because he felt that the dog got in the way of us spending time together.  (It was a long-distance relationship and he would under no circumstances allow me to bring my dog into his house.)  How could someone even ask that of another?  My dog has been my constant companion for 10 years and is an important part of my life! 

I found these interesting facts about pet owners, so let’s look at them together and see if they apply to us:

  1. 83% consider themselves their animals’ “mom” or “dad.”  YES
  2. 78% admit using a special “pet voice” while talking to their critters.  YES
  3. 73% have no problem maxing out their plastic to make sure their “kid” gets the best care.  YES
  4. 67% have a guilty conscience about leaving their animals home alone.  YES
  5. 63% of U.S. dog owners admit to smooching their pooches.  YES
  6. 58% of pet owners report they spend more time at the vet than at their own doctors’ offices.  SOMETIMES
  7. 52% reveal they’re more likely to recall the names of their neighbors’ pets than the names of their neighbors.  YES
  8. 47% turn on a TV or radio to keep their pets company when leaving the animals home alone.  NO
  9. If stuck on a desert island, 50% of Americans would choose a dog or a cat for company over a human.  YES
  10. 69% of pet owners admit playing favorites with their critters while their significant others are away by breaking household rules, like letting the dog sleep on the bed or feeding the cat leftovers.  NA