The World’s Luckiest Idiot
The World’s Luckiest Idiot

Who needs the luck of the Irish?  I want Lindsay Lohan’s luck!  True, she gets in trouble a lot, but that’s her own stupidity.  She’s lucky because she keeps breaking the law in stupid ways, and gets away with it – time and time again!

She stole some jewelry from a store, and essentially got away with it.  The only thing she got was probation – so she had to sweep a few floors at the morgue. 

She’s proven time and time again through numerous accidents that she can’t drive.  How many ridiculously expensive cars has she wrecked – on both coasts?  She still has a license.

Today, more luck for Lindsay.  Her trial started today in the case where she was accused of lying to a police officer.  It was after another one of her wrecks.  She switched seats with the person travelling in the passenger seat and told the officer she wasn’t driving the car, but a bystander witnessed the switch.  Not only is lying to a cop a crime, but committing that crime would have been a violation of her probation, and if found guilty, would have sent her to jail.  After arriving almost an hour late for court, her lawyers managed to reach a plea deal… she’ll get 90 days in rehab, 30 days of community service and 18 months with a shrink.  Pretty lenient considering everything she’s done, and she probably won’t learn from her mistakes.

I’ve never broken the law, but if I did, I believe I would go directly to jail, not pass go, and not collect $200. 

When will the court system do the right thing and lock Lindsay Lohan away?