Six More Weeks of This?
Six More Weeks of This?

Dang that groundhog! 

 Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow which, if you believe the legend, means six more weeks of this crappy winter.  If he hadn’t seen his shadow we would have an early spring.  However, it was a cloudy day in Punxatawney, PA on Groundhog Day, which technically would mean that Phil didn’t see his shadow. 

 Whether we have four more weeks of winter or six more weeks doesn’t really matter.  It’s been miserably cold so far, and this week promises 3 storms across the Midwest and Northeast.  The forecasters aren’t quite sure if the snow will fall this far south, but there is a chance. 

 I promise, if this summer is hotter than usual, I won’t complain (unless the AC breaks!)