Rollin’ Down the River
Rollin’ Down the River

You have to put your butt in the water?  Really? 

Honestly, I didn’t think “tubing” involved an actual old tire tube.  We had a couple of those when I was a kid, and my brothers and I used to play with them at the beach.  I thought, however, that the tubing trip would involve a round flotation device with a bottom that you stick your butt on.  Perry Stone accused me of thinking too “upscale.”

OK… so I almost backed out of the trip at the last minute, but I went through with it.  We got to the launching site.  It was a cloudy day… no, the water is going to be cold.  I held my breath and went in with my tube, sat back, and started paddling to get away from the river bank and closer to the center of the river.  It would have been easier to “paddle” with an actual paddle.  Note to self… bring one next time. 

I learned the hard way what “butt up” means.  It means lift up your butt or you’ll scrape it against the rocks.  Boy, the James river is shallow… not at all what I was expecting. 

After three hours in the water, there’s the bridge we were told to look for.  How far is it?  Another hour away. 

Ah, finally, there’s the landing point!  I’m trying to get there but the current is pulling me to the right instead of the left.  Ugh, I finally get out of the tube and walk a few feet… not an easy task with the current and the rocks.

OK… I actually had a blast!  Met a lot of great 3WV listeners, ate some great food at the after party from Tavern on the James.  Thanks, also to James River Reelin’ and Rafting for a great adventure.  Can’t wait till next August for the 3WV Summer Splashdown!