It’s a long shot, but…
It’s a long shot, but…

The nominees have been announced for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2014:

Kiss, Linda Ronstadt, Nirvana, Hall & Oats, Peter Gabriel, LL Cool J, Cat Stevens, Deep Purple, Yes, The Replacements, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, NWA, Link Wray, The Meters, Chic and the Zombies

Five will get in.  Nirvana is probably a no-brainer.  I would like to see Linda Ronstadt and Hall & Oats get in.  I also think LL Cool J deserves to get in as he’s a real pioneer in hip-hop.  I have no idea what moves those responsible for the voting to choose who they choose each year.  Look how many nominations it took for Rush to finally get in!! 

The real long shot that I believe deserves a shot is KISS!

Here’s why KISS is a long shot – It seems that the committee usually favors artsy-type bands (The Replacements probably have a good shot) and KISS is a commercial giant (or a sell-out as some would refer to them).  Surely you had a KISS lunchbox or a KISS action figure when you were a kid!  The KISS merchandising continues today with a chain of restaurants, and Arena football team and a line of KISS/ Hello Kitty items.  That kind of commercialization doesn’t seem to sit well with the committee members.  Of course, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley laugh all the way to the bank.

If anything should be taken into consideration, it should be body of work and longevity.  KISS has been making albums and touring for decades…still selling out major venues today.  They’ve influenced a whole generation of musicians to use theatrics including country superstar Garth Brooks who cites KISS as one of his biggest influences. 

Love ’em or hate ’em, KISS has definitely made their mark, and deserve to be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame!