How To Make Friends At Work
How To Make Friends At Work

I love to bake cookies!  I don’t do it very often, but I really go crazy around the holidays. 

I didn’t grow up baking with my mother, although we used to buy the pillsbury slice and bake cookie dough from time to time.

I developed an interest in baking cookies a few years ago when my niece was in Iraq.  My sister-in-law would brag about the care packages that she and her mother and sister were sending to Rachel, so I decided to join in, and in a big way!  I would bake 7 or 8 different varieties of cookies and pack them in plastic containers, then send a huge box over every couple of months. 

Now I bake for my co-workers at the station once or twice during the holiday season, and they really appreciate it.  I know because the cookies dissappear very quickly.  Also, as the holidays approach, several of them ask me when I plan to bake again.  This year, one even sent me a link to some on-line recipes for “inspiration.” 

I’m telling you, if you want to make friends at work, bake cookies.  Even the co-workers that claim to be dieting will appreciate them! 

By the way, if you have loved ones serving overseas, don’t hesitate to send large care packages of goodies from home.  According to my niece, there are a lot of men and women serving who don’t receive any care packages, so the ones that do are happy to share!