Empowerment on the Road
Empowerment on the Road

When you’re an on-air person on the radio, you’re considered “essential personnel,” so even if there’s a foot or more of snow on the road, you have to get to work.  That’s why I bought a 4-wheel drive SUV a few years ago, and yesterday I got the chance to put it to the test!

There’s something empowering about driving when everybody else is sitting at home, or when you see small cars abandoned on the side of the road because the drivers couldn’t get through the snow, and I just cruised by all of them. 

Admittedly, it wasn’t easy getting here or getting home, even with my SUV, and I don’t recommend  going out in those conditions unless, like me, you have to be at work!  Remember, there are road crews out trying to clear the snow, and motorists only get in the way and make their jobs more difficult.  It was an adventure, however…driving on our rough terrain, crossing over roads that had barely been plowed, and passing pedestrians who needed to get out and explore.

Until the next snow storm…