Wednesday, April 27, 201604/27/2016

Prince – The Rocker!

If you think that Prince didn’t have the heart of a rocker, check out this video –


Thursday, April 14, 201604/14/2016

Why do critics hate Nickelback?

A Finnish doctoral student explains why –


Wednesday, March 16, 201603/16/2016

Kurt Cobain – Isolated Vocals

I previously posted a stunning isolated vocal track from Ronnie Van Zant. Here’s another amazing vocal – Kurt Cobain singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Check it out-


Tuesday, March 1, 201603/01/2016

Isolated Vocal Track of Ronnie Van Zandt

This man sang with a lot of passion. Check it out –


Wednesday, January 20, 201601/20/2016

32 Reasons Why the Eagles are the Best Band in the Universe

Check out this post from and see if you agree –


Wednesday, January 13, 201601/13/2016

Enough Already!

PLEASE, make the mudslinging stop!


Monday, November 30, 201511/30/2015

It’s Office Christmas Party Time

The booze may be free, but don’t overdo it!

muscular fit man showing his muscles on his back -over a dark background

Wednesday, November 18, 201511/18/2015

Then and Now: The Sexiest Men Alive

Did these celebrities age well?


Friday, October 30, 201510/30/2015

The Video I Wish I Could Have Taken

If you’re 5’1”, don’t try taking video at a concert –

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Tuesday, October 27, 201510/27/2015

Happy Yule-oween!

It’s a new holiday… let’s celebrate