Perry Stone

TJ was the man!
TJ was the man!

A few weeks ago I had the good fortune of going to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.  It’s not something I had any interest in doing but a friend visiting from another state insisted on making this a priority and ruining a perfectly good Saturday of drinking and watching hummingbirds have sex.  I must admit, it was a fascinating trip and I have a newly found appreciation for TJ. I had the opportunity to see his mansion, where he slept (with his wife and slaves), wine and beer cellars which made me jealous.  TJ had wine/beer elevators from different rooms where he could simply yell down to the servants to send up a bottle whenever he so desired!  I want that if I hit the Powerball.  After a day of experiencing his life, I realized that Thomas lived life to the fullest.  His one blemish… he strongly opposed slavery and lobbied to have it abolished. Yet, he was guilty of keeping the most slaves in his stable and yes, he had children with some of them.  At least he admitted his faults and the fact he was a hypocrite when it came to letting his pee-pee overrule his conscience.  Bottom line, TJ worked hard and played hard. I like that!

As the tour came to a close, I wondered what this country would be like if TJ were running things today.  He would no doubt get us back on track, instill much needed pride back into our country and above all, he wouldn’t take any B.S.  However I also believe he would have a problem with sexting and messing around with White House interns.  Could you image a night out on town with TJ and Bill Clinton? There wouldn’t be a clean dress within 10 miles of Charlottesville.

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”