Perry Stone

The Wuss-afication of the NFL


The Wuss-afication of the NFL

I love football as much as the next sports junkie.  However, I’m getting a little miffed at how the NFL has WUSS-AFIED the game lately.  I’m all for protecting the Quarterback but I’ve seen some really poor calls when it comes to touching or tackling the QB.  The worst is Tom Brady. So help you if you’re a lineman and lay a finger or any other body part on him. The Refs seem to give him more calls than any other QB. I guess he just looks into their eyes and the Refs are mesmerized, placed in a trance and the flag is thrown for roughing the QB. Lineman can’t hit the way they used to, heck they can’t even inadvertently fall down on an opposing player without a penalty.

It’s too much already!  Football is a gladiator sport and that’s why it has become America’s passion and passtime. Let’s put an end to the WUSS-AFICATION of the NFL. What’s next, The National Flag Football league?