Perry Stone

The Book (no not that one)
The Book (no not that one)
Some of you have inquired about my recent on-air interview with author Bob “The Blade” Robinson. The book is called “There’s Nothing Louder Than Dead Air.” It is currently available and chronicles a behind the scenes look at some Rock celebrities and our industry that I love to hate, Radio. The book includes a chapter dedicated to yours truly titled “Brad Hood.” Why Bob chose that name is unclear, but I can only surmise that he didn’t use Perry Stone because he feared I would sue him, which I never would do. That’s because of my loving affection for lawyers who I believe are like sperm. They both aspire to be human one day.

To answer your question, yes all that material in his book is 100% true. That is… the stuff I can remember.

Thanks for all your calls about the book.
Brad Hood