Perry Stone

Puppies of the sea
Puppies of the sea

So I’m watching Animal Planet the other night and they’re trying to convince me that sharks are friendly and misunderstood. I should feel guilty in assisting in the stereotype of this misunderstood and docile creature.  Sure enough I’m watching a friendly diver making all nice with a Great White.  “See that, sharks are like puppies of the sea.”  If you believe that, I’m sorry there’s no hope for you so please have some more Jim Jones Kool Aid.  I remember my days in San Francisco.  I would get off the air and head down to the beach where the typical surfers were doing their thing.   All over the beach signs were posted warning to stay out of the water as hundreds of sharks were spotted via helicopter. Still there were dozens of surfers in the water. I remember interviewing a few of them and simply put, there weren’t many brain cells left to communicate effectively how stupid it is to surf when sharks are in the water. They simply didn’t care, didn’t get it and believed that if you go about your business the puppies of the sea will leave you alone. We can all get along, coexist and sing Kumbaya.  That day a surfer lost both his legs and for good measure, his pee-pee too.  I guess the puppies of the sea much like us; enjoy delicious piggies in a blanket. Yum, piggies in a blanket.

Maybe there’s a divine-Godly purpose for the creation of those with very few brain cells. Maybe they walk the earth as potential food for species like sharks, bears and pit bulls. Hey they gotta eat too!

Have fun in the water this summer…cue Jaws theme.