Perry Stone

Perry’s Movie Review

This week I’ll save you some $$$ by reviewing a movie I didn’t see but can certainly
tell you what to expect and how it end.

James Bond: “Sky fall”

Opening will involve an arty montage of women with bullets, guns and smoke accompanied by a song.

There will be lots of explosions and shootings.

One or two martinis will be ordered…though he won’t eat the olive.

Some Dr. Evil type will either want to take over or blow up the world. He will ultimately be defeated by Bond in the end.

When Bond walks into a party, all the women will automatically take their clothes off and want to have sex with him…he will ultimately choose one or two then discard them the same way I discard a 6 pack of beer on the weekends.

Bond will suffer some bumps and bruises, maybe some blood will be drawn but other than a boo-boo, he’ll be fine.

In the end Bond doesn’t die (shocking); he kills the bad guy and saves the world. To celebrate, he will have sex with a beautiful woman then discard her like a happy meal.

Roll the credits. I just saved you some $!

You’re welcome.