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Monday, July 1, 201307/01/2013

A very special summer story

Remember be careful if you’re planning a fireworks party especially when alcohol is present.  A few years ago when I…

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Wednesday, May 29, 201305/29/2013


I’ve had the good fortune of living in many diverse cities. Each one had its own unique style and a few idiosyncrasies.…

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Monday, April 8, 201304/08/2013

A good way to decompress

Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to simply get in the car and start driving even if you don’t have a…


Friday, January 25, 201301/25/2013

The Book (no not that one)

Some of you have inquired about my recent on-air interview with author Bob “The Blade” Robinson.


Wednesday, December 26, 201212/26/2012

Helpful tips for not getting run over & dying

Hands down, Charlottesville is the healthiest town I have ever lived in and that’s a good thing…but…

Thursday, November 8, 201211/08/2012

Perry’s Movie Review

This week I’ll save you some $$$ by reviewing a movie I didn’t see but can certainly tell you what to expect and how it end.


Thursday, September 27, 201209/27/2012


Lots of folks have inquired about my possible “hallucinogenic” experience with the drink Absinthe.


Wednesday, August 8, 201208/08/2012

Hey, let’s go swimming with Sharks!

Sometimes I just can’t figure people out. Why do people elect to go swimming when they’ve been warned that there are sharks in the water?