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Madison Square-Lifetime ban
Madison Square-Lifetime ban

What’s that?  Most memorable radio story?  That’s a difficult question to answer because there have been so many. One day I may write a book but there were a few that certainly stick out.  Way back in back in the 80’s I was given the opportunity to bring on such acts as AC/DC, ZZ TOP, and others at Madison Square Garden.  The one story people often talk about to this day involved Judas Priest and secured a lifetime ban for yours truly at Madison Square Garden.  I was on stage in front of a hostile heavy metal crowd and reading upcoming events which entailed Neil Diamond, Helen Reddy and other wussy acts!  Naturally, the crowd of 20,000 plus booed me when I introduced myself but began to get truly unruly when I read that list of uncool acts. The crowd proceeded to throw firecrackers, M-80’s, Cherry Bombs and assorted beer bottles at me.  I tried to keep my cool but it became progressively worse so I lost my temper. “YOU BUNCH OF LOW CLASS *^**()*(** %(%$…IF YOU WANT TO RIP THE PLACE UP GO AHEAD YOU PIECES OF %$$^#$@!’ So… they did. Chairs, started flying around, Judas Priest started cursing me out and the concert was cancelled. New York’s finest arrived and many were carted off in various patty wagons.  How I was able to keep my radio gig after that still amazes me. I guess the Madison Square management realized that having someone read upcoming wussy acts in front of a metal crowd was probably not the best idea… so both the radio station known back then as “New York’s Apple” settled and agreed to a lifetime ban for yours truly.

I’ll reveal another memorable radio moment next time around (hint, it involves Joe Walsh).

Stay tuned…