Perry Stone

Hey, let’s go swimming with Sharks!
Hey, let’s go swimming with Sharks!

Sometimes I just can’t figure people out (I know you’re probably saying, “Perry I can’t figure you out!”) but why do people elect to go swimming when they’ve been warned that there are sharks in the water and even attacks in a particular town’s beach. Case in point, Cape Cod has recently had a number of Great White sightings and a few have been bitten. Yet, folks continue to go into the water???

I used to work in San Francisco and they used send helicopters up every morning to inform beach goers and surfers that sharks were spotted and warned not to go in into the water. They even posted signs throughout the beaches in case you couldn’t read (they had a logo of a shark in the water). Still surfers would continue to do their surfing like nothing’s wrong. I interviewed some surfers and some of their responses were: “You can’t worry about it; you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning.” Or…”dude no fishy is gonna mess with my surfing time.”

So, In San Francisco I came up with a very popular product that actually did very well in the stores. It was called Perry Stone’s Surfer Chum Wax. This of course was nothing more than a gag gift but surprisingly, some surfers thought I was making fun of them and were very insulted. Where would they get that idea?