Perry Stone

Food for Thought
Food for Thought

Fast food fascinates me. I don’t eat it that often but the war between the chains is pure entertainment and capitalism.  These companies spend millions on creative ideas with the goal of separating them from the pack.  When Taco Bell introduced the first Doritos Taco, the market exploded and it made “The Bell” and its stockholders/Board of Directors every rich. Now Taco Bell has spent millions on a marketing campaign to introduce their new breakfast menu.  (Because when you think of breakfast you, think Taco Bell right?) Others like KFC just brought back” The Double Down” chicken concoction, McDonald’s, The McRib…

Pizza? Papa John’s, Dominos and Pizza Hut all compete for the newest pie craze. There’s hamburger pizza, Fried chicken crust pizza, cheese steak pizza, sushi pizza, double stuffed crust pizza -whereby molten lava cheese will burn your mouth much like a cheap Belmont hooker.

It seems the more unorthodox the concoction, the more inclined a consumer is to try it. For the fast food companies, the ultimate goal is for the consumer to like it and keep coming back for more. That means $$$!

I must tell you that I feel awkward ordering just a plain old cheese pizza anymore. I don’t think they would even know how to make one or if they ever heard of such a thing!