Perry Stone

A very special near death experience
A very special near death experience

Shotgun on our way to Lake Anna for Tour of Duty, my chauffeur Luke came literally inches of crashing into a truck. The 3WV Jeep was behind a school bus and was turning right. The truck at the intersection was obviously blocked by the bus and didn’t see us so he must have figured… hit the gas and go. Let’s just say the breaks on the Jeep work because for a moment I thought that was it. They say before you’re about to croak, you see your entire life before you. Not for me.  At that moment the little voice inside my head said…”What a fitting way for you go out…dying alongside of Luke and a sales gerbil in the backseat.” Karma had finally caught up with me but as fate would have it, we were able to give the finger to the Grim Reaper!  Better luck next time Bud.

Here’s the cool thing. How many times have you been the victim of another driver’s negligence? Maybe you’ve been cut off or tailgated. Maybe the other driver gave you the finger. But how many times did the other driver take the time to apologize?  Here is the actual e-mail that was sent by the driver that almost killed us…

Hey Luke and Perry this is the guy in the white van that bout got you in a wreck today. I’m really sorry I did not mean to pull out in front of you. I didn’t even see you behind the school bus. I always listen to your station when coming through Spotsylvania and Charlottesville. I’ll pick you up all the way in Lynchburg which is where I’m from. Sorry again for almost getting you in a wreck. I am Chris.

Here’s the real irony…his e-mail address is “smash”

Was this a warning? A second chance? Maybe some mystical entity really likes 3WV and doesn’t like change.  Who does really?

So thanks Chris (I mean smash) and thank you 3WV angel for the second chance but I’m sorry, you’ll have to do better than that for me to give up radio and join the ministry.