Perry Stone

A good way to decompress
A good way to decompress

Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to simply get in the car and start driving even if you don’t have a destination (particularly, when you’ve had a lousy day, week or year).  It will clear your head. A few months ago, I drove for about 2 hours and stumbled upon a little town called Crue, Virginia. Nothing much to a town that has seen better days. However, in the middle of downtown stood a giant dinosaur. What the %$#Z!  I needed to take a picture with this thing to prove it really exists. I asked what seemed to be a down and out guy. We agreed that if he would take the photo, I’d buy him a meal.  It was a great talking to him and sharing some of his booze. I learned a lot about Crue and that dinosaur.  I talked about my experience on the air the following Monday and actually received a call from someone who lives in Crue and has been listening to 3WV for years (even though our signal is not the greatest in Crue).  I told him that I wanted to purchase the dino. The guy said he would ask the store manager the price. Funny, the cost mysteriously went up each day from $500-$5,000. It became clear to me that the owner believed like most, that radio people make lots of money (Ha!)

What started out as a bad day, turned into a great day.

Moral of the story; Get in your car and drive. A game changing experience waits in your book of life.