Louisa County Woman Charged In Death Of Infant Son

Louisa County Woman Charged In Death Of Infant Son

Photo: WINA

A Louisa County woman has been accused of the death of her infant son this past March. The Louisa Sheriff’s Office says 31-year-old Tristan T. Goodwin (pictured) of Roundabout Road is charged with involuntary manslaughter and child abuse and neglect. Major Donnie Lowe of the Sheriff’s Office says emergency crews responded March 19th to a report of a six-month-old child not breathing. The baby, identified as Tyler Firth, was pronounced dead at UVA Hospital. Major Lowe says the original cause was believed to be sudden infant death syndrome, but lab results indicated later that there was a lethal dose of Benadryl and high levels of Tylenol present in the baby’s body. Lowe says Goodwin was arrested earlier this month after deputies spent about a month trying to find her. Goodwin is being held without bond, and she’ll be in court December 16th.

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