Luke Church

Performing live for you!
Performing live for you!

Why do you go to concerts?  Why do you spend your money on tickets to see and hear musicians perform live?  Some people do it so they can see and hear the musicians perform live.

I posted this to Facebook following a recent show.  It bears repeating.

To the loud obnoxious man behind us at the Nickel Creek concert who felt it necessary to talk through the entire show, shout, whistle, complain about the choice of encore songs and yell “Free Bird”; the only consolation I have is that when you wake up tomorrow, sober, you will still be that guy. And, you will be that guy for the rest of your life, oblivious to other people and hated by those around you at every show you attend.

If I had wanted to constantly spend my time around people like that, I would have started making poor choices early in life.