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Trying to Reason With Election Season
Trying to Reason With Election Season

To get into the political arena during this primary Presidential season you should
probably go buy and then arm yourself with some extra skin. I’m not sure where you can purchase extra epidermal, but you may want to try your local hospital first. And while at the hospital you can observe the wounded and the causalities of this second civil war between Obama supporters and Romney supporters. Is it me, or is this Presidential election the ugliest in recent memory? I remember Nixon. I remember Bush II. Remember all the hate from their opponents? Well, you can add them up together and it still won’t equal the hate directed towards President Obama from his opposition.

The BGB just did a poll asking if your life were better now than it was four years
Here’s a direct quote from Mandy Davis on our Facebook page:

Well I am very shocked to see how many of u r answering yes to this. I myself is a big fat NO !! My husband got laid off from his job of 22 years Can not find another one .His unemployment ran our in less than so many months all because of our President change of policy. In unemployment.We are barely getting by or should I say we are not at all. No income No No insurance Np nothing !! We need major change ASAP !!!!!!

Here’s another from Sue Dinkler:

NO I AM NOT!! lost my job and cant find another, about to lose my home, cant half afford groceries ,gas. kinda discouraging. income cut in half and groceries and gas cost nearly twice as much. but still blessed with breath and heart beats! God is good!

And here’s a text we (Highway and I) received on the morning after Obama’s visit to Charlottesville:

put pepper on a sheet of paper,thats what it lookd like at obamas speech yesterday, fold the paper 2 make pepper go n a line-would be line at kfc afterward.

It’s ugly! It’s scary! It’s the cold, hard reality of American politics. To tell you the truth; I’m not fond of it, but I have to cover it.  On the bright side my skin is growing thicker and my life just keeps getting better regardless of who’s in office.

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