Big Greasy Breakfast


I’m fine with winter until New Years. That’s it. I remember living in parts of Florida back in the 80s. The weather was right up my alley until Christmas. It didn’t seem right to be celebrating the Holidays while it was 85 degrees. I’m not a fan of Old Man Winter unless it’s Christmas. After that – give me warmth! So, what do I do? I endure and try to think of all the fun things I’ll do when the weather gets warm.

This year for me so far has been kind of a bummer. I’ve lost two friends and suffered through a miserable flu (for the first time EVER!) But I endure. I take plenty of vitamin D and count my blessings.

I’ve got a beautiful 5 year old son who loves sledding.

I’ve got a wonderful wife who’s always prepared and willing to talk about spring/summer vacations.

I’ve got an awesome house with a very pretty view.

I’ve got an always entertaining job that’s fun to do.

I’ve got talented friends who love to play music and drink whiskey.

I’ve got my favorite shows on DVR for any down time I may get.

I’ve got Improv class every Sunday.

Come to think of it, what the hell am I complaining about?

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