Big Greasy Breakfast

I Kicked the Habit!
I Kicked the Habit!

shed my skin… Actually this has nothing to do with that excellent Peter Gabriel tune. Actually it does.

A little.

Because if I still had a personal Facebook page I most likely would’ve posted this video, then logged back in a few hundred times a day to check for (snarky) comments. You see, that’s one of the many reasons I quit Facebook. I was addicted, therefore, it was distracting me from the joys and beauty of living a more authentic life. Well, that and I’m just too damned sensitive. Every hour, half hour, quarter hour… I would check-in to see what all 873 “friends” were posting. That’s one of my problems with Facebook – I don’t have that many friends! Yet I accepted all of those “friend” requests! Hello? Giant ego?

Another problem I had was that some (not all) of my real friends would post how great their lives were even though I knew differently. They weren’t keeping it real. Like most people tend to do (myself included), they just posted status updates that would make their lives look great. Or stuff that would make them seem clever, whether original or stolen. And most of the time they posted updates pertaining to the current Presidential race, which I’m sure you’ll agree, is just plain ugly. Oh, and I should mention: ignorant.

By now, you may be rolling your eyes and thinking, “Max! Lighten up, dude! It’s all just for fun!” Well, then, fine. Have your fun. I have my fun on the BGB every weekday morning on 97-5/3WV! I get to be snarky, goofy, sarcastic, ugly, ignorant, clever and extremely good looking from 5:30 to 10am on the radio. After that I can go outside and enjoy my life without fretting over

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