Big Greasy Breakfast


You have to admit, having a major rock/jam band festival in our back yard was pretty cool, right? Sure there were some major traffic/parking issues last Thursday at the beginning, but otherwise, nothing bad came out of it. Hopefully some of the local Nelson County businesses came out ahead after the four day Lockn’ Festival.

I scored some general admission passes and went Saturday and Sunday. I didn’t even have to camp, as Oak Ridge Farm is only a half hour from where I live. It was great seeing the Black Crowes, the Tedeschi Trucks Band and Trey Anastacio – but it was the hippies who impressed me the most.

I know we get a lot of calls from self-professed hippies at 3WV, but they’re not really hippies! These people who claim to be hippies are just calling themselves hippies because they smoke weed. Lets face it, that’s the only thing they have in common with real hippies – you know, the ones I hung out with at Lockn’.

Here’s what I learned/remembered about real hippies:

They’re liberal, non-judgmental, friendly, generous, gentle, green, colorful, laid back and happy!

Here’s what I learned about people who claim to be hippies just because they smoke weed:

They’re conservative, judgmental, hostel, greedy, rough, camouflaged, colorful, uptight and suspicious.

So, what have we learned from this? The faux-hippies need a new name, man…



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