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A Season to Forget
A Season to Forget

After UVA’s loss to Virginia Tech combined with an eye-opening 2-10 record this year, you can hear the natives in the urban jungle and the surrounding wilderness calling for coach Mike London’s head on a stick. It’s disheartening, to say the least. Coach London seems like such a swell guy! I remember interviewing him back in March of 2010 and felt the excitement of a new era of UVA football, but alas, nice guys do finish last. In fact, did you see this open letter to UVA Athletic Director, Craig Littlepage? The author, Mark Page, alludes to the fact that coach George Welsh was a mean ol’ sumbitch to his players, thus forming the Cavaliers best era. Mark seems to follow UVA football much more closely than I do and shows a lot of heart.

I can see that a good college football team can pull a University and a community together, but I have no idea how to fix this. The University of Virginia is all about the student athlete. They strive for academic excellence first. It works for them in baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, wrestling, lacrosse, etc… but football? They haven’t been able to figure that one out. Just thinking out loud here: maybe they ought to replace Mike London with a coach who has had success with like-minded universities? What do you think?

For now, how ’bout that basketball team? Listen for more UVA Basketball right here on your home of the Hoos, 97.5/3WV…

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